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The Company’s Business Operation

Greenergy is in the business of investing and supporting sustainable projects that will allow the lives of people, communities, and the nation grow and prosper. Powered by financial technology, each project will steer the entire country closer towards a more modern way of life.

Greenergy Holdings Inc. (GREEN) is founded on three strategic pillars:

  • Financial profitability with ESG compliance.
  • Forge local and international partnerships for sustainable growth.
  • Adopt innovation and technology to achieve sustainable goals.
Greenergy Holdings Inc. (GREEN) as a major shareholder of Winsun Green Ventures focusing on renewable energy, AgriNurture, Inc. (ANI) focusing on agriculture and Manohari Agri Tourism Park focusing on sustainable agriculture. The company will continue to grow by investing in sustainable projects meeting the criteria of green, ESG, and sustainability.

Greenergy Holdings Inc. (GREEN) starts the FinTech business division.

  • Virtual Crypto Currency Exchange (VCE)
  • E-Wallet Service
  • Agricultural Digital Finance Ecosystem
  • E-commerce with 1ANI.com.ph
  • E-Money Service with U-Pay

Greenergy Holdings Inc. (GREEN) invests in the bio technology via medicinal hemp project in Australia.

Greenergy Holdings Inc. (GREEN) forms 2 new subsidiaries:

  • Green Tunnel Boring Corporation to focus on green infrastructure projects.
  • Green Communities Development Corporation to focus on modern transient oriented property development surrounding mass transport stations.

Future Business Plans

  • Smart and Digital Agriculture
  • Nutraceutical and Biotechnology

Our mission and vision


To be a global holding company prioritizing sustainability via investments in fintech, biotech, green infrastructure, agriculture and renewable energy sectors in order to nurture the environment and foster economic growth via green initiatives.

Vision #GREEN2030 will usher all of GREEN’s stakeholders towards a sustainable future.


Anchored on its values of people empowerment, integrity and commitment to improving the lives of people, GHI aims to nurture the environment and foster economic growth through sustainable and green initiatives and ensure long-term profitability for all its stakeholders.

We aim to develop clean energy options for future generations to benefit from economic gains without sacrificing the environment.

We will embrace green technology to foster growth.

We will promote equality, sustainability, and innovation within the organization.

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